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Business Litigation/Complex Litigation

We represent parties in litigation in all jurisdictions in Maryland. We practice in the United States District Court and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Scott is a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Our trial practice includes business, commercial and contract litigation, real estate litigation, complex litigation, landlord-tenant litigation, probate and estate and trust litigation.

Our real estate and property litigation includes eminent domain or condemnation,, inverse condemnation, surface water and siltation runoff, trespass, nuisance, conversion, covenants, breaches of real estate contracts, easement litigation, property line disputes, and other disputes concerning both real and personal property.

In eminent domain and inverse condemnation, we represent property owners to recover the full value of property taken by the government.

We represent clients in all types of complex litigation and are often able to achieve substantial savings on litigation costs through efficient use of paralegals, independent contractors and the like.

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